I found an orphaned, sick or injured animal, what do I do?

Many people see a baby animal(s) left alone and will think it's orphaned yet quite often that is not actually the case.  Many species leave their babies alone for long periods of time and they are not actually in need of rescuing.  For example, rabbits only visit the nest around dusk and dawn, deer leave their fawns sometimes all day.  Leave the animal(s) alone and monitor from a substantial distance (binoculars, closer than that could keep mom away).  If the mother does not return by the next day, then it may be orphaned.  


Birds that fly into windows are often just stunned and, if left alone, will recover. The recovery period can be a few minutes to a few hours.   So again, monitor from a distance for a while before assuming they need human intervention.  Ensure the family cat is kept indoors.


If a baby bird falls out of the nest, simply return it to the nest - its a myth that birds will smell your touch and reject the baby.  If you can't find the nest, its okay to put the baby into another nest of the same species if the young are not much different in age - most adult birds will "adopt".  If a nest has fallen off a tree in a storm, secure it back in the tree as close as possible to its original location.  If the nest was destroyed, a substitute can be made using a berry basket (anything water can drain out of) lined with the same kind of materials as in the original nest (ie twigs, grasses), securing it in the tree out of direct sunlight.  


Young altricial species (songbirds, raptors etc) may leave the nest ("fledge") a week or more before they can fly. These fledglings hide under shrubbery or perch on low tree limbs and the adult birds will periodically fly over and feed them.  It is usually these young birds (robins, blue jays etc.) that people find and "rescue" in the spring.  These birds were actually exactly where they were supposed to be and behaving normally and, if left alone, the parent birds will return to feed the young within a half hour or so.  Again, keep your cat temporarily indoors.


Taking the above into consideration, if the animal(s) is actually orphaned, sick or injured, then a wildlife rehab centre can help.  Since every species has different needs and rehab challenges, rehabilitators usually choose one to several specific species to caregive.  You will need to find a rehaber who handles that particular species.  Keep in mind that many rehabilitators are doing so from their own property.  


Most rehabers do not have volunteer transporters, so be prepared to bring the animal to them.  In addition, the majority of rehabers do not capture wildlife.  Do not put your safety at risk, wild animals can be dangerous, especially if they are injured or cornered.  If you are able to capture the animal, put it in a cardboard box with fleece or layers of papertowel on the bottom (towels can damage toes but could be used under papertowels). Do not give the animal anything to eat or drink, keep it in a warm, quiet, dark place and contact a wildlife rehabilitator centre immmediately. If the baby is a gaping bird and you cannot transport it immediately, then you can feed it pieces of kitten or cat chow soaked in water until soft - baby birds should never be fed hamburger, bread or milk.  


Wild animals stress VERY easily which can often be fatal (especially rabbits and birds) so it's essential you keep the animal warm and in a quiet dark place away from pets and chlidren.  When transporting, do not talk or play the radio.  


If you cannot capture the animal safely yourself, contact the Toronto Wildlife Centre at 416-631-0662 to discuss the situation.  They do have a capture team they might be able to deploy or they can at least provide alternative contacts/info.

I have unwanted wildlife on my property, whom do I call?  

Not all pest control companies are humane towards the animals they impact.  We've heard horror stories of some who have actually walled up babies, telling the client not to worry, they will die and not be a problem, or have used other inhumane methods to kill them.  Also, the MNR has strict rules about relocating wildlife - depending on the species and age, they can only be relocated a short distance from the location they were taken from if they use live traps (1km max. for RVS (rabbies vector species i.e. raccoons, skunks, foxes) mammals and 15 kms for non-RVS mammals).  


A humane pest control company will have a number of methods that will resolve your pest problem without killing the animals.  For example, one-way doors which allow the mother to retrieve her babies yet not regain access herself (babies come to her through the one-way door when she calls them to her, after she finds a suitable new location and returns for her babies one by one.  Sometimes, unfortunately, she will not retrieve all the babies, so a humane pest control company will monitor and, if any are left behind, will bring them to a wildlife rehab as orphans.  


There are a number of humane pest control companies in the GTA that have large territories they cover.  The following are links to a few that we have actually dealt with, and that wildlife rehabs have also dealt with because they are humane (some of them have even brought babies to rehab when the mother didn't come back to relocate them), in alphabetical order:


I think there are coyotes in my neighbourhood, what should I do?

Coyotes have adjusted well to living in close proximity to humans.  They are shy and prefer to avoid confrontations.  In fact, although they range during the daytime or at night, they usually prefer to come out at night in order to avoid humans. Make sure you teach your children about animal safety and what to do if they should encounter various types of wildlife.  

List of Ontario Wildlife Rehabilitators:

(Photo's added by Dog Speed)


A Wing and A Prayer Muskoka's Bird Rehabilitation Centre

Animals cared for:

Birds indiginous to Muskoka area

Phone:     705-385-1488

Address:   Stephenson Rd. 2 W


               Utterson, ON  P0B 1M0

               (Muskoka area)

Another Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation

Animals cared for:  

All small mammals from Chipmunks to Fawns

Phone:    519-868-1937

Address:  St. Thomas, ON  N5R 1X9

Contact:  Carol Clarke

Email:     anotherhance4u@hotmail.com

Website:  anotherchancewildlife.ca

Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

Animals cared for:  Bear, Beaver, Bobcat, Coyote, Deer, Fox, Groundhog, Linx, Otter, Raccoon, Skunk, Squirrel, Wolf

Phone:     705-732-6368

Address:  1116 Crawford Street

               Rosseau, ON  P0C 1J0

               (Muskoka/Parry Sound area)

Email:      info@aspenvalley.ca

Website:  aspendvalley.ca

Bat Check

Animals cared for:  Bat


Phone:    613-387-2475

Address:  RR#1

              Seeley's Bay, ON  K0H 2N0

              (north of Kingston/Gananoque)

Contact:  Matt Saunders


Bear Creek Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary

Animals cared for:  Sanctuary for unwanted, abused and injured exotic and zoo animals; rare and endangered species; also involved in humane wildlife rescue and rehabilitation of animals involved in public concerns

Barrie, Ontario

Phone:   705-721-4730

Email:  mary@bearcreeksanctuary.com

Bear With Us Sanctuary and Rehabilitation Centre

Animals cared for:  Bear, Big Cats, Wolf

Phone:     705-685-7830


Website:  bearwithus.org

Bluewater Centre for Raptor Rehabilitation

Animals cared for:  

Birds of Prey, Loons, Herons and some Waterfowl

Phone:    home 519-845-1243  

              cell    519-466-2443

              office 519-899-2433

Contact:  Lynn Eves, Founder

Address:  R.R.#2 Wyoming, ON N0N 1T0

              (30 miles east of Sarnia)

Email:     linnev@hotmail.com

Website: lambtoncounty.com/bcrr

Bowmanville Vet Clinic

Animals cared for:

Groundhog, Otter, Porcupine, Possum, Rabbit, Songbird, Squirrel, Weasel


Bowmanville, ON

BryDen's Den

Animals cared for:  

Bird, Fox, Groundhog, Opossum, Rabbit, Raccoon, Skunk, Songbird, Squirrel

Phone:    519-429-3585

Address:  RR#3

              Simcoe, ON  N3Y 4K2

              (Lake Erie)

Contact:  Denise Boniface


Destined to Fly

Animals cared for:  Songbird

Phone:    613-331-5191

Address:  Wilton Road

              Kingston, ON  K0H 1V0

Contact:  Connie Black

Email:   kinhstondestinedtofly@gmail.com

Erica Dimuzio Wildlife Centre

Animals cared for:

Waterbirds, Woodpeckers`

Phone:    226-349-2449

Address:  2200 Churchill Line

              Sarnia, ON  N7T 7H3

Contact:  Erica Dimuzio

Email:     ericadimuzio@gmail.com

Erie Wildlife Rescue

Animals cared for:

All wildlife native to this area, including birds



Phone:    519-735-3919

Website:  eriewildliferescue.ca

FLAP Canada (Fatal Light Awareness Program)

Animals cared for:

Falcon, Hawk, Owl, Songbird, Waterbird, Woodpecker

Phone:    416-366-3527

Address:  123 Queen St. W., Box 199

              Toronto, ON  M5H 3M9

Contact:   Michael Mesure

Email:      flap@flap.org

Website:  www.flap.org

Foster Forest Wildlife Orphanage

Animals cared for:  

Small mammals including Squirrel, Bat, Groundhog, Fox, Mink, Weasel, Chipmunk, Porcupine

Phone:    613-394-6667

Address:  Trenton, ON  K8V 5P7

Contact:  Dee Newbery

Email:     fosterforest01@gmail.com

Greenstone Wildlife

Animals cared for:

Bat, Beaver, Bird, Fox, Hawk, Owl, Porcupine, Reptile, Skunk, Turtle

Phone:    807-329-1102

Address:  214 Quebec St.,

              Nakina ON  P0T 2H0

Contact:  Amanda Redgift

Email:     gusandmandy@yahoo.ca

Heaven's Wildlife Rescue Rehabilitation and Education Centre

Animals cared for:


Phone:     519-466-6636

Address:   PO Box 119

               Oil Springs, ON  N0N 1P0

               (SE of Sarnia)

Website:  www.heavenswildliferescue.org


Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge

Animals cared for:

Bat, Beaver, Bird, Deer, Fox, Groundhog, Possum, Rabbit, Raccoon, Skunk, Songbird, Squirrel, Turtle, Waterbird, Weasel

Phone:    519-587-2980

Address:  RR#3, Jarvis, ON  N0A 1J0

Contact:  Chantal Theijn

Email:     Chantal@hobbitsee.com

Website:  www.hobbitstee.com

Hope Haven Wildlife Centre

Animals cared for:

Bat, Groundhog, Possum, Rabbit, Skunk, Squirrel, Waterbird

Due to limited staffing, unable to admit bird species except for orphaned ducklings, goslings & cygnets. 

and only neonate to juvenile mammals (no adults)

Phone:    519-689-4931

Address:  6391 Middle Line Rd

              Merlen, ON  N0P 1W0

Contact:  Suzann Ritchie

Email:     suzann_ritchie@hotmail.com

Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre

Animals cared for:  Turtle

Phone:     705-741-5000

Address:  4-1434 Chemong Road

              Selwyn, ON  K9J 6X2

              (Peterborough area)

Contact:  Sue Carstairs

Email:     info@kawarthaturtle.org

webstite: kawarethaturtle.org

Le Nichoir Wild Bird Conservation Centre

Animals cared for:

Songbird, Waterbird

Phone:    450-458-2809

Address:  Hudson, Quebec

Contact:  Susan Wylie

Email:     info@lenichoirorg

Website:  www.lenichoir.org

Madawaska Valley Wildlife

Animals cared for:

Raccoon, Fox, Skunk, Possum, Porcupine, Groundhog, Rabbit

Phone:     613-633-9451

Address:  144 Trebinski Road

              Barry's Bay, ON  K0J 1B0

              (east of Algonquin Park)

Contact:  Bette Anne Quinn

Email:     path2thewilderness@gmail.com

Open Sky Raptor Foundation

Animals cared for:

Eagle, Falcon, Hawk, Osprey, Owl, Songbird, Turkey, Vulture, Waterbird

Phone:    905-643-1391

Address:  RR#1, Grimsby, ON  L3M 4E7

Contact:  Carol Ricciuto

Email:     scarecrowopensky@hotmail.com

Procyon Wildlife

Animals cared for:

Coyote, Deer, Fox, Groundhog, Opossum, Rabbit, Raccoon, Squirrel, Turtle, Weasel

Phone:     905-729-0033

Address:   6441 7th Line

               Beeton, ON  L0G 1A0

Contact:   Debra Spillar

Email:      info@procyonwildlife.com

Website:  procyonwildlife.com

Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

Animals cared for:

Coyote, Deer, Fox, Groundhog, Porcupine, Rabbit, Raccoon, Skunk, Turtle, Weasel

Phone:     613-258-9480

Address:  PO Box 266

              North Gower, ON  K0A 2T0

              (Ottawa area)

Contact:  Linda Laurus

Email:     info@rideauwildlife.org

Website: rideauwildlife.org

Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre

Animals cared for:

Mammals, Birds, some Reptles and Amphibians.  


Also provide humane alternatives for wildlife/human conflicts

Phone:    613-354-0264

Address:  8749 County Road 2

              Greater Napanee, ON  K7R 3L1

              (East of Bellville)

Email:     info@sandypineswildlife.org

Website:  sandypineswildlife.org

Scales Nature Park

Animals cared for:

Turtles, Reptiles

Phone:     705-327-2808

Address:  82 Line 15 South

              Oro-Medonte, ON

              (south of Orillia)

Contact:  Jeff Hathaway

Email:     info@scalesnaturepark.ca

website:  scalesnaturepark.ca

Shades of Hope

Animals cared for:

Bat, Beaver, Bird, Deer, Eagle, Falcon, Fox, Groundhog, Hawk, Osprey, Owl, Porcupine, Opossum, Rabbit, Skunk, Songbird, Squirrel, Turkey Vulture, Waterbird, Weasel

Phone:     705-437-4654

Address:  PO Box 87

              Pefferlaw, ON  Ll0E 1N0

Contact:  Gail Lenters

Email:     gail@shadesofope.ca

Website:  shadesofhope.ca

Shortcut to Serenity Wildlife Rescue

Animals cared for:  

Racoon, Songbird  

Phone:    705-741-5000

Address:  Stayner, Ontario

Contact:  Diane

Skunk Haven

Animals cared for:  Skunk

Phone:     519-842-9416

Address:  Tillsonburg, ON

Contact:  Laurel Beechey

Email:     lbeechey@rogers.com

S.O.A.R. (Songbirds Only Avian Rehabilitation)

Animals cared for:  Songbirds

Phone:    519-856-4510

Address:  145 Inkerman St., PO Box 75,

              Rockwood, ON N0B 2K0

Contact:  Judi Drake

Email:     soar@sentex.ca

Website: soar-southernontario.org

Swift Care Ontario

Animals cared for:

Bat, Species at risk aerial insectivore songbird species only:

Barn and Bank Swallows, Eastern Whip-poor-will, Common Nighthawk, and Chimney Swift

- Refer to other rehabs for common songbird rehab

Phone:    519-434-0763


Address:  PO Box 2012,

              Komoka, ON N0L 1R0

Contacts: Carolyn Denstedt

              Deborah Lefebrea

Email:     swiftcareontario@gmail.com

The Owl Foundation

Animals Cared for:  Owls

Address:   4117 21st Street, RR1

               Vineland, ON  L0R 2E0

Email:      owlmail@sympatico.ca

Website:  theowlfoundation.ca


Thorold Vet Hospital

Animals cared for:

Beaver, Bird, Coyote, Fox, Groundhog, Porcupine, Reptile, Songbird, Turtle, Waterbird, Weasel, Wolf

Phone:    905-227-7644

Address:  2-B Sullivan Avenue

              Thorold, ON  L2V 2X9

Contact:  Dr. Alistair Ker

Email:     akerdvm@gmail.com

Toronto Wildlife Centre

Animals cared for:

Bat, Chipmnk, Coyote, Fox, Groundhog, Hawk, Owl, Opossum, Rabbit, Raccoon, Skunk, Songbird, Squirrel, Turtle, Waterbirds

Phone:     416-631-0662

Address:  60 Carl Hall Road, Unit 4

              Toronto, ON  M3K 2C1

Contact:  Nathalie Karvonen

Email:   admin@torontowildlifecentre.com

Website:  torontowildlifecentre.com


Turtle Haven

Animals cared for:  Turtles

Phone:     519-745-4334

Address:  114 Mansion

              Kitchener, ON  N2H 2J9

Contact:  AngieSchoen

Email:     uros@sympatico.ca

Website:  turtlehaven.ca

Turtle Pond Wildlife Centre

Animals cared for:

Bat, Bird, Fox, Rabbit, Raccoon, Skunk, Songbird, Squirrel, Turtle, Waterbird, Weasel

NOTE: Specialize in turtles - can take other injured small mammals and birds. mangy foxes are welcome!

Phone:      705-691-0433

Address:   2882 Vern Drive

               Caron, ON  P3N 1R3

               (N of Sudbury)

Contact:    Gloria Morissette

Email:       turtlepondwc@gmail.com

Urban Wildlife Care

Animals cared for:

Beaver, Coyote, Fox, Groundhog, Possum, Rabbit, Raccoon, Skunk, Squirrel, Weasel

Phone:     905-818-5708

Address:  23 Betts Avenue

              Grimsby, ON  L3M 2S7

Contact:  Cara Contardi

Email:     urbanwildlife@gmail.com

Website:  urbandwildlifecare.com


Wabi River Wildlife

Animals cared for:  

Birds, Fox, Raccoon, Skunk, Turtle

Phone:     705-648-3419

Address:  Uno Park Road

              New Liskeard, ON  P0J 1P0

              (N of North Bay)

Contact:  Elizabeth Cowell

Email:     wabiriverwildlife@gmail.com

Wayward Paws Wildlife Rehab Service

Animals cared for:

Bird, Fox, Groundhog, Possum, Rabbit, Raccoon, Skunk, Songbird, Squirrel, Turtle

Phone:     519-485-1976

Address:  4 North Town Line East

              Ingersoll, ON  N5C 1R2

              (W of Woodstock)

Contact:  Shirley Griffen

Email:     shirbug@rogers.com

Wild at Heart Wildlife Refuge

Animals cared for:

Bear, Bird, Coyote, Deer, Fox, Groundhog, Moose, Owl, Porcupine, Raccoon, Skunk, Songbird, Squirrel, Turtle, Weasle

Phone:     705-692-4478

Address:   95 White Road

               Lively, ON, P3Y 1C3

               (Sudbury area)

Website:  wahrefugecentre.org

Wild Bird Care Centre

Animals cared for: 



Phone:    613-828-2849

Address:  734 Moodie Drive

              Nepean, ON (Ottawa area)

Email:     mojo@wildbirdcarecentre.org

Website:  www.wildbirdcarecentre.org


Animals cared for:

Bat, Beaver, Bird, Coyote, Eagle, Falcon, Fox, Hawk, Owl, Possum, Rabbit, Reptile, Songbird, Squirrel, Waterbird, Weasel, Wolf

Note: Sick/injured only - cannot raise orphaned babies

Phone:    519-449-5080

Address:  26 Sixth Concession Rd. RR#4

              Brantford, ON  N3T 5L7

Contact:  Dr. Crombie

Email:     windrush26@gmail.com

Website:  www.windrushvet.com

Wings Wildlife

Animals cared for:

Bat, Bird, Coyote, Deer, Eagle, Falcon, Fox, Groundhog, Hawk, Osprey, Owl, Possum, Rabbit, Raccoon, Skunk, Songbird, Squirrel, Turkey Vulture, Turtle, Waterbird, Weasel

Phone:    519-736-8172

Address:  5281 Middleside Rd

              County Road 10

              Amherstburg, ON  N9V 2Y9

Contact:  Nancy Phillips

Email:     wingsrehab@xplornet.com

Website:  www.wingsrehab.ca

Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary

Animals cared for:

Bat, Bear, Bird, Deer, Fox, Groundhog, Porcupine, Possum, Rabbit, Skunk, Songbird, Squirrel, Turkey Vulture, Turtle, Waterbird, Weasel

Phone:    705-286-1133

Address:  Mindon, ON

Website:  redrockcircle.com

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