Surrendering YOUR PET


Sometimes its just not possible to keep your pet.  We thank you for trying to rehome your pet through a reputable animal rescue organization - that gives your pet the best chance for a safe great new home compared to other options.  


That is because we endeavor to match our rescues with the most suitable home (check out our Adoption Application questions), do reference and home checks, require a signed legally-binding Adoption Agreement and Adoption Fee, all which help disuade abusers.  We also commit to being there for our adopted animals for their entire lifespan, so if for some reason the new home later can no longer care for the animal, it must be returned to us, they cannot give the animal to someone else without our consent (which we'd only provide after doing our usual rigorous adoption protocols).  We do occassional follow-ups on the animals during the course of their life. 


Dog Speed first tries to help owners address the problems they are experiencing with their pet so that rehoming is not necessary.  Often it can be a relatively easy fix if the root causes are correctly identified and the family commits to following the advice provided.  The majority of the animals people want to surrender are not bad, their humans may just need a little help understanding what's going on and how to fix it.  


Also, if your issue with your pet is behavioural, often a change in behaviour can be a result of a medical condition causing pain or discomfort. We recommend a vet check-up if your pet's behaviour has changed - it might be easily resolved with medical intervention.  


Please keep in mind we have a limited number of foster homes so we simply cannot accept them all.  We need to ensure the available foster is skilled in handling whatever issue the dog may have.  We can no longer accept dogs who have proven bite records. 


If we cannot accept your pet, please go to our "Links" page for contact info for other rescues, shelters and animal behaviourists whom you can contact for help either surrendering or working with your pet.  


PLEASE do not sell your pet on-line and never advertise "free to a good home" - click here to read about why.  


Note: we currently do not charge a surrender fee because we do not want people to seek other less safe rehoming options to avoid paying a fee. Should we accept your pet into our rescue, we do appreciate a 2 or 3 month supply of your pet's food if possible to help out (we are 100% volunteer based, we get no government funding, and our fosters pay for the food the foster pet eats while in their care).    


We also request all veterinary paperwork be included with the surrendered pet. All the pet's possessions will go with the pet to both the foster and forever homes.   




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