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Human, Pet & Coyote Interaction

As humans, along with our domestic pets, continue to expand into the natural habitat of wildlife, wild animals, including coyotes, have had to adapt to life in the city. In urban environments, food sources and shelter are plentiful and natural predators are limited, so it can be an environment to thrive in.  

Wildlife has as much right to survival on this planet as we do, and they are part of the ecosystem, so we need to educate ourselves on how we can share the environment with wildlife yet ensure our children and pets remain safe.

Coyotes are typically non-confrontational by nature, shy as a rule and prefer to avoid people. However, any wildlife can demonstrate lack of fear of humans if either habituated to humans, or seriously ill. Read more...

OWREN Conference

Dog Speed's team attended the OWREN Conference in Niagara Falls this month (Ontario Wildlife Rehabilitator and Education Network).We took the Basic and Beyond Basic courses and, if we scored over 80% on the exam, will qualify us to apply to the Ministry of Natural Resources for our Wildlife Custodian Authorizations!It was a very informative conference. We learned basic medical procedures including how to subQ, tube feed, and splint broken bones, practicing on cadaver animals and birds.  We also got to meet/hold various live turtles and snakes courtesy of Scales Nature Park!  

Jump Up! Fundraiser

Sunday August 2, 2015 come out to our Jump Up! fundraiser at Highland Pines Campground in Belwood.  Face painting, bouncy castle, Elvis Priestley, puppets. silent auction, animal rescue education info, candy floss, popcorn, pizza and drinks.  Fun for all!

Dog Speed needs more foster homes so we don't have to turn any needy animals away...could fostering be for you?

from Dogs Naturally Magazine


from Dogs Naturally Magazine

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