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Fostering is not for everyone - for many it can be hard to say goodbye when a great new forever home is found and they get adopted.  But when we approach fostering with the right mindset, moving them to their well-matched forever home it can be very rewarding.  


As a foster, you discover the joy of gaining a dog or cat's trust, to provide a human touch and love, as well as an environment for them to feel safe, all perhaps for the first time ever, watching them transform before your eyes!  Its a great opportunity to help and to also teach your children empathy and caring for other beings in need.


There are many positive reasons to consider being a foster for a rescue pet!  Here are a few:


  • You enable us to accept a homeless, unwanted, abused or neglected animal into our rescue because we have great temporary foster homes for them to go while we handle any medical issues (our cost) and find a new forever home for them to go to.  Foster homes are crucial to what we do and without them we often have to turn that animal away. Fosters literally can be the difference of life or death for these animals.


  • Dogs can live as long as 18+ years, cats can live over 20 years - fostering is an opportunity to love an animal but not have to commit to a long period of time caregiving - fosters can take breaks between foster pets as desired, i.e. to travel or for other commitments;

  • Its a chance to get to know different types of breeds, which gender, size and age you prefer ready for when you finally decide to be a forever home to a pet of your own;


  • Some fosters love the variety of different personalities and the joy of helping each one!


  • Fostering can enable a family who can't afford a full-time pet the opportunity to bring a pet into the home for a period of time. Fosters can have the joy of a pet more-or-less ongoing without the added costs of veterinary bills, etc.  

  • Fostering can provide a short-term opportunity to teach one's children some great lessons regarding love, nurturing, kindness to animals, and exposure to the joy of pets.  

  • Our foster homes get first dibs at adopting the animal they are fostering, so if you fall in love with your foster pet, you can always decide to make it permanent.


Here are the steps for joining the Dog Speed Foster Team:


1.  Complete our Foster Application and scan/email it to traci.dogspeed@gmail.  If you don't have a scanner, contact us and we'll provide a mailing address to send it to.


Click here for our Foster Application


2.  Upon receipt of your applicaiton, we will contact you to discuss fostering to ensure you

     have all the details and answer any questions you may have.


3.  We will contact the references you provided.


4.  We will arrange for a home check to meet with you at your home and, if approved, to

     sign the Foster Agreement.


5.  Once approved, we will contact you whenever a rescue requires foster placement to

     see if you are available and interested in helping that animal.  You do not have to

     accept each time and we will make every effort to place each rescue in the most

     suitable foster home for both that animal's needs and the preferences of the foster.  


Click here for our Foster Agreement

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