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To learn how our adoption process works, and to see our Adoption Application, Adoption Agreement and fees info, go to "Our Rescues" page.  Our dog adoption fee is $375.  All our dogs receive a vet exam, vaccinations, spay/neuter, microchip and deworming (if puppy).  
Our rescue is based in Ontario, Canada.  We often get quite a lot of inquiries, so suitable homes closer to our area are often given priority over suitable homes that are more than several hours' distant for ease of adoption i.e. home checks, meet & greets and transports. We seldom adopt outside of the province for the same reasons.  
Before adopting, check out this very informative link that discusses the realistic costs of adding a dog or cat to your family: http://www.thesimpledollar.com/pet-cost-calculator/
If we do not have the dog you're looking for, try our partner shelter, City of Hamilton Animal Control - click here for their Petfinder page of available dogs or go to our "Links" page for a listing of other reputable rescues and shelters.

LUNA - On Hold

Luna is a shih tzu / yorkie cross, approximately 3 years old. We are unsure of her history as she was found stray. She was recently adopted to a home who wanted a canine friend for their dog, but she was returned because she was overly dominant with the other dog, who was very timid.  Although she gets along with other dogs, she'd be best being the only dog living in the home but gets to socialize with other dogs regularly.  

Luna's foster home finds her to be lovable and snuggly but she is slow to trust new people. Thus her first couple days will be difficult for new adopters as she won’t let you touch her until she gets to know you. Once you have earned her trust, she is wonderful with people she knows. She is grumpy with guests but can be verbally corrected. 

Luna is crate-trained and walks well on a leash.  She loves to play fetch and knows sit, stay and come.  


Because she may bite if someone she doesn't know invades her space to pet her, we’re seeking a home that does not have children, including visiting grandkids, etc. and a home that does not entertain a lot, as even adults will often not heed the warning to not pet the dog!  


We are seeking a house, not apartment, because she would meet strangers frequently in apartment hallways and elevators when going out for potty, who may try to pet  her.  She can also be a barker when someone comes to the door, so an apt with people walking past in the hallway might cause her to bark and become a noise problem for neighbours.


She needs someone patient who understands not to push themselves on her and can work on her lack of self-esteem so that she can improve over time.  


Here is additional information from her recent home that had to return her due to her dominant behaviour with their other dog:


     Luna needs to be with a more dominant dog - she does like to play but she did snap when she was done or tired. This scared my dog who is very timid. Even though she wants to be petted on her own terms she wants to always be touching you - laying on your lap, your feet, your pillow. She is always looking to us for reassurance. She would block (the other dog) from getting near us. She does love fetch and squeaky fabric chew toys. Strange sounds make her nervous and can make her snappy ie dishwasher running, tv in sons room caught her attention and made her jumpy snappy. 


     She is very loving once she trusts you and it only took 24 hrs for (us) to be able to pet her but we would still need to make sure she was receptive and we didn’t surprise her. She is very smart. Knew where to sit to get a treat, very calm waiting for food.  Loves being outside but wants you with her. Excellent walker but we didn’t really see other dogs or people on walks. Dogs barking  in the distance caught her attention but she didn’t pull on leash. 


     She needs someone that can work with her to bring out the sweet dog she is but that knows that she may always have bite issues with strangers. She could be socialized with other dogs but will defiantly try to dominate. 


If interested in Luna, please contact June at june.dogspeed@gmail.com

Unavailable at this time (on hold)


Ketzy is a female bichon frise, approximately 8-9 years old.  She is spayed, microchipped and up to date on her vaccinations.  

Ketzy and two other bichons came to us from another rescue group who rescued them from a puppy mill.  Unfortunately, they did not get any one-on-one attention nor training in the home they were in, so came to us very scared of people, not potty or leash trained and did not know what a toy is or how to play.  The foster homes they went into have all been working on these issues.


Ketzy is finally at a stage where she is ready for her forever home.  She’s a lovely dog and is starting to show her personality. She loves to be where her people are and accepts pets and cuddles but does not actively seek attention. She’s happy to be in the same room as people. She does better with woman over men, just ignores men. She lives with another dog who helps show her the ropes and would do very well in a home with another friendly calm dog.  She requires a lot of praise and she is highly food motivated. 


She is 95% house trained, will use a pee pad if left for periods longer than 5 hours.  She walks okay on a leash - her training on leash is still a work in progress. 


Ketzy needs a quiet patient home where she will continue to get the attention and training she needs.  She’d be a great fit for an active senior couple.  She is a real sweetie and deserves to finally have a forever home that meets her needs.  


If interested in Ketzy, please contact June at June.dogspeed@gmail.com


ON HOLD - Katie is on hold for now until she can settle in and learn to be a dog.  She also requires a second follow-up veterinary exam soon, after she’s lost some weight, at which time her age and spay will be confirmed.  


Katie is an adult bichon frise, approximately 8 years old, and now up to date on her shots.  


Katie was originally rescued from a puppy mill, then lived in a home where she did not get much attention.  Her foster is working on her potty- and leash-training and she’s been doing very well.


She arrived pretty much shut down, scared of everything.  Through patience and routine, Katie is slowly coming to life and learning how to be a dog.  She does not know how to play and toys are of no interest to her at this time but we’re working on it.


Katie has made great strides thanks to her foster dog friend, whom she adores and follows everywhere, emulating whatever the other dog does.  This has been a great help in Katie’s learning curve and it would be beneficial if her forever home had a gentle calm dog to continue showing her the ropes.  


Katie needs a quiet home without children where her human does not push physical contact on her, and who is patient and provides consistent daily routine.  


Stay tuned for updates on Katie!  



Sabine is now ready for a foster-to-adopt home!  She still has some additional vetting to be done, which Dog Speed will be doing before her adoption can be finalized. Thus we’re seeking a foster-to-adopt home within reasonable driving distance of Sabine’s vet to accommodate her upcoming spay and dental appointments.


Sabine is a 6 year old Maltese, approximately 7 lbs and an absolute doll!  She will give you kisses and loves to be in your lap or laying beside you.


A breeder gave Sabine to a woman who then contacted Dog Speed to rehome her due to house-training issues.  Turns out she has some health issues that needed to be addressed.  


It was confirmed through medical tests that Sabine has Cushings disease.  She takes one pill a day to control this and will need to remain on meds for the rest of her life. During a recent follow up vet appointment, more tests were done that now show Sabine also has diabetes.  We are working on adjusting her insulin to the best level for her.  Once both the Cushings and diabetes are controlled, we can proceed with her spay and dental.  When these surgeries are done, her adoption will be finalized to her forever home.  


Sabine’s vision seems to be compromised but she gets around fine if she’s familiar with her surroundings and things don’t get moved around.  She’s great about doing her business outside or on pee pads.  


The ideal home for Sabine is with someone who is home most of the day, as she craves human company. She tolerates small dogs that are around her size but is nervous around larger dogs. She has not been exposed to cats. No small children please, due to her size and limited vision.  Please note that Sabine has previously been de-barked but will still make the motions to bark.  


If interested in Sabine, contact Brenda at brenda.dogspeed@gmail.com with any questions.   

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