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Our rescue is based in Ontario, Canada.  We often get quite a lot of inquiries, so suitable homes closer to our area are sometimes given priority over suitable homes that are more than several hours' distant for ease of adoption i.e. home checks, meet & greets and transports. 
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KATIE - On Hold

ON HOLD - Katie is on hold for now until she can settle in and learn how to be a dog. 

Katie is a female bichon frise, approximately 8 or 9 years old.  Dog Speed recently had a dental done for her and she is now up to date on her shots. 


Katie was originally rescued from a puppy mill, then lived in a situation where she did not get any attention or training.  We think she's lived most of her life in a cage.  Her foster is working on her potty- and leash-training and she’s been doing very well.


She arrived pretty much shut down, scared of everything - empty eyes, no personality.  Through patience and routine, Katie is slowly coming to life and learning how to be a dog.  She does not know how to play yet and toys are of no interest to her at this time but we’re working on it.  She has recently started exhibiting joy and interest in things and her lovely sweet personality is starting to shine.  


Katie has made great strides thanks to her senior foster dog friend, whom she adores and follows everywhere, emulating whatever the other dog does.  This has been a great help in Katie’s learning curve and we will be seeking a forever home with another gentle calm dog to continue showing her the ropes.  She trusts the other dog much more than her foster human and having the other dog with her all the time eases her anxiety.

She loves walks and now walks well on a leash, but she will only walk behind you, she seems to need to keep an eye on people at all times.  


Katie needs a quiet home without children (kids tend to move fast, run around and make noise and that would terrify her).  She will need a home where her forever human does not push physical contact on her, who is patient and will provide consistent daily routine because that really helps overcome her fear.  She may never be a super cuddly lap dog, but she has just recently started accepting pets and seems to like them, so one day its likely she will be affectionate and seek out attention - but we're not there quite yet.  


Stay tuned for updates on Katie!  


SABINE (Special Needs - Medical)

Sabine is now ready for a foster-to-adopt home!  She still has some additional vetting to be done, which Dog Speed will be doing before her adoption can be finalized. Thus we’re seeking a foster-to-adopt home within reasonable driving distance of Sabine’s vet to accommodate her upcoming spay and dental appointments.


Sabine is a 6 year old Maltese, approximately 7 lbs and an absolute doll!  She will give you kisses and loves to be in your lap or laying beside you.


A breeder gave Sabine to a woman who then contacted Dog Speed to rehome her due to house-training issues.  Turns out she has some health issues that needed to be addressed.  


It was confirmed through medical tests that Sabine has Cushings disease.  She takes one pill a day to control this and will need to remain on meds for the rest of her life. During a recent follow up vet appointment, more tests were done that now show Sabine also has diabetes.  We are working on adjusting her insulin to the best level for her.  Once both the Cushings and diabetes are controlled, we can proceed with her spay and dental.  When these surgeries are done, her adoption will be finalized to her forever home.  


Sabine’s vision seems to be compromised but she gets around fine if she’s familiar with her surroundings and things don’t get moved around.  She’s great about doing her business outside or on pee pads.  


The ideal home for Sabine is with someone who is home most of the day, as she craves human company. She tolerates small dogs that are around her size but is nervous around larger dogs. She has not been exposed to cats. No small children please, due to her size and limited vision.  Please note that Sabine has previously been de-barked but will still make the motions to bark.  


If interested in Sabine, contact Brenda at with any questions.   

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