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Before adopting, check out this very informative link that discusses the realistic costs of adding a dog or cat to your family: http://www.thesimpledollar.com/pet-cost-calculator/
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Kiwi is an 8 or 9 year old female Bichon Frise.  She is up to date on vaccinations and is spayed.  


Kiwi was rescued from a puppy mill originally and lived in a home where she wasn't able to get one-on-one bonding and was not potty- or leash-trained. Since being with her foster, she has demonstrated she enjoys one-on-one attention and has learned really fast.   She is very good with letting her foster Mom know when to go outside.  She is crate trained and has since learned to walk on a leash too!


She has come a long way in a short time.  Kiwi would benefit from a quiet home where she gets to spend lots of time with her people.  She lived with other dogs but is unknown with children - also unknown with cats.  


If interested in Kiwi, please contact Heather at heather.dogspeed@gmail.com


Luna is a shih tzu / yorkie cross, approximately 3 years old.  We are unsure of her history as she was found stray. 


Luna has been in her foster home for 2 weeks and they find her to be lovable and snuggly but needs time as she is very slow to trust new people. Thus her first few days will be very difficult for new adopters - she won’t let you touch her until she gets to know you. Once you have earned her trust, she is wonderful with people she knows. She is grumpy with guests but can be verbally corrected. She is 90% house trained and completely crate trained. Walks well on a leash. 


She loves to play fetch and knows sit, stay and come. 

She cannot live with children of any age, and she isn’t fond of cats - doesn’t hurt them but will chase them. She likes other small to medium sized dogs with medium to low energy. 

If interested in Luna, contact June at june.dogspeed@gmail.com




Huffle is a 2 year old great Pyr. cross who was a chained dog all her life - she still isn’t fond of being in the house.   She spends the day while her foster is at work and nights in the house. She may panic but isn’t destructive. She is now 50% crate-trained and completely house-trained. She walks fairly well on leash but can pull if she gets excited. 


She is a typical guardian breed, she must be adopted to a rural home with a fenced yard, as she likes to wander. She would do well guarding chickens in a large fenced in outdoor area. 


Huffle is great with small and large dogs. Would do best in a home with another large to giant breed dog. 


Huffle is quite aloof but will approach you for pets and snuggles. She’s shy of new people but comes around quickly. She is very typical of her breed. 


She does not travel well in vehicles, she panics and must be crated in a veri kennel. This is not ideal as she will need to be groomed professionally at least 3 times a year or more.  


But Huffle is improving and will hopefully soon be ready for adoption!


If interested in Huffle, contact Traci at traci.dogspeed@gmail.com



Sabine is now ready for a foster-to-adopt home!  She still has some additional vetting to be done, which Dog Speed will be doing before her adoption can be finalized. Thus we’re seeking a foster-to-adopt home within reasonable driving distance of Sabine’s vet to accommodate her upcoming spay and dental appointments.


Sabine is a 6 year old Maltese, approximately 7 lbs and an absolute doll!  She will give you kisses and loves to be in your lap or laying beside you.


A breeder gave Sabine to a woman who then contacted Dog Speed to rehome her due to house-training issues.  Turns out she has some health issues that needed to be addressed.  


It was confirmed through medical tests that Sabine has Cushings disease.  She takes one pill a day to control this and will need to remain on meds for the rest of her life. During a recent follow up vet appointment, more tests were done that now show Sabine also has diabetes.  We are working on adjusting her insulin to the best level for her.  Once both the Cushings and diabetes are controlled, we can proceed with her spay and dental.  When these surgeries are done, her adoption will be finalized to her forever home.  


Sabine’s vision seems to be compromised but she gets around fine if she’s familiar with her surroundings and things don’t get moved around.  She’s great about doing her business outside or on pee pads.  


The ideal home for Sabine is with someone who is home most of the day, as she craves human company. She tolerates small dogs that are around her size but is nervous around larger dogs. She has not been exposed to cats. No small children please, due to her size and limited vision.  Please note that Sabine has previously been de-barked but will still make the motions to bark.  


If interested in Sabine, contact Brenda at brenda.dogspeed@gmail.com with any questions.   

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