The dog in this BEFORE picture is Phoenix.  While deployed in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, we found Phoenix chained in his yard.  We were able to achieve his release/surrender and he went to Villalobos Rescue Centre in So. California (before their hit TV reality show "Pitbulls & Parolees" when they moved to New Orleans). 


Here is Phoenix's AFTER picture, at Villalobos:

A chained dog is a helpless target for strangers, other animals, insects and harsh weather.  They're usually forgotten about, frequently undernurished, ill and miserable. Frustrated by long periods of boredom and social isolation, they usually become territorial and neurotic, which further deters human interaction and kindness because he's now feared or disdained.


Dogs are highly social pack animals not genetically designed to live life alone.  Thus its a cruel fate for a chained dog, forced to suffer the frustration of watching the world go by in isolation, not belonging to a pack, and in physical discomfort. Any government, municipal, provincial or federal, that bans the practice of chaining/tethering is a safer, more humane community.

Because they are isolated and confined, they become very territorial of their restrictive space, so can become a danger to anyone who may come into their reach.  Should a child, cat or dog wander into this space, they are in danger of attack. 

Thus chained dogs represent not only a danger to people and other animals who may wander into their territory, their isolated confinement is an inhumane act of abuse and neglect.  For these reasons, municipalities should implement by-laws prohibiting chaining dogs.  

Speak with your town council, your MP, your mayor, and chat with neighbours who chain their dog to educate them.  Contact a chained dog rescue organization to see if they can help attain freedom for that dog or call the SPCA at 310-SPCA and file a complaint.  Consider attending a town council meeting in your town and requesting an anti-chaining by-law be passed.  


Here are a few websites that provide great info on chained dogs:

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