The Canny Collar

About the Canny Collar (cont'd)


The leash attaches to the collar behind the dog’s head instead of underneath the chin.  This is much safer as it prevents the dog’s head from tilting on an unnatural angle when pressure is applied to the leash.


The collar is a flat collar design with a buckle clasp which makes it extremely sturdy and durable, and its generously padded for comfort.


The flat collar with the buckle design reduces the chances of the collar stretching due to the dog’s pulling on the leash, providing a better fit overall.


Since the collar is not subject to stretching out of shape it is easier to keep the collar in place behind the ears, utilizing the submission


When the dog applies pressure on the leash, the pressure is directed down, over the muzzle and not across the throat. This prevents gagging, choking or coughing and makes it one of the only head collars that are safe for using with dogs who are prone to collapsible trachea.  


The transition to flat collar is extremely easy and safe because the leash is never removed. When the dog is walking well, the handler simply removes the strap from the nose and the collar becomes a flat collar.  If the dog begins to pull the handler just stops and places the strap back on the nose to turn it back into a training collar.


The Canny® Collar reduces the force a dog can generate by pulling on the leash by 60% to 80%.


It is one of the few head collars that will fit and work well for many brachycephalic (short nose) breeds (ie pugs, bull dogs) in addition to dogs who have prominent eyes such as the Boston Terrier or Chihauhau.

pressure point as well as preventing escape.


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