Please keep in mind that we are very thorough to ensure the best possible home for our animals, so the adoption process does take some time (see steps below to understand why).  If you require a pet asap, we suggest you visit your local shelter.  

Before you adopt, check out the three links at the bottom of this page that address the realities of adopting a pet, the costs and how to prepare for their arrival.


If you are interested in adopting any of our animals, here are the steps to take:


Step 1 - Complete our Adoption Application and email it to the contact listed for that animal.  You will not be considered unless we have a completed form, because the questions provide us with key information in order to determine if its a good match for proceeding further. A link to our adoption form is provided in each animal's bio section, as well as below.


If you encounter problems completing the form, please email the contact person noted for that specific pet.

Click here for Cat Adoption Application


Click here for Dog Adoption Application

Click here for adoption fee information


Step 2 - Dog Speed will then contact you to discuss your application and arrange for a meet & greet with that animal.


Step 3 - We will do a reference check using the 3 references you provided on your application.


Step 4 - A home check will be arranged for us to visit your home to see where our rescue animal would live...its not about housekeeping, its about safety and the environment the pet would be in!


Step 5 - If approved, we will transport the animal, its possessions and veterinary file to your home where we will sign the Adoption Agreement with you.  


Click here to view our Adoption Agreement


Step 6 - We will update the animal's microchip info with the new family's info, Dog Speed remains on the chip as the "alternate".


Thereafter, we will occassionally follow-up with you to see how things are working out.


NOTE:  We often receive numerous inquiries on our pets, therefore, only applicants who have submitted our application form will be considered.   If we have more than one really suitable home, we give priority to distance (if more than a 2 hour drive) for ease of home checks, transport, etc.  


We do not move on to a telephone conversation until we have received and reviewed the application to ensure its a potentially good match.  Once received, we will email you to either arrange a telephone chat, or to advise why we don't think its a good fit for that particular animal's needs.


Also, be advised we do not adopt out any animals that are to become "gifts" (unless the animal is going to be gifted to that adopter's children who live in that same home).  Pets given as gifts to a different household often become unwanted or neglected pets.  Owning a dog or cat is a serious responsibility since they can live, depending on breed and species, for over 20 years.  As such, the decision and choice of appropriate species and breed should be made by the person(s) who will be caregiving it for its life, not by someone who thinks it will make a cute gift. 

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