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Meet Winnie, our May pet of the month! She is a senior chihuahua who was rescued from a bad and dangerous situation, going through many channels before coming into Dog Speed.


She's a great little girl who, despite being 12 years old, is still quite fiesty and is a real little sweetheart!


She walks on a leash like a big dog and likes to hang out in the clean laundry at the vet clinic when she goes to work with her foster mom.  


If interested contact TRACI


A D O P T E D !



Chevy is a one year old female rotti-cross (although her slender body suggests maybe some dobbie or lab).  


She is an energetic, friendly girl and socializes well with other dogs at doggie day care.  


Her owner surrendered Chevy to Dog Speed shortly after adopting her from a shelter.  She did not have enough time to spend with Chevy and to train her.


If interested contact JUNE


A D O P T E D !


Stella is a gorgeous female malinois shepherd (husky mix?) who will be 8 yrs old this year. She has lived with the same family since she was a puppy.


She is a gentle girl, friendly and socializes well with other dogs at doggie day care.  She also gets along with cats. Displays some typical malinois aloofness with strangers but is very friendly with people she knows.


Her owners surrendered her because a recent move to a new home and career change resulted in longer & varied shift hours which caused Stella separation anxiety. They wanted a home that can provide her the time and attention she deserves.


We think she'd make a great choice for someone looking for a second canine companion, as another dog at home with her will likely reduce her anxiety. Alternatively, someone who works from home would also be a good match for Stella.  


If interested contact JUNE


A D O P T E D !


Although Blink is still recovering from his medical conditions, he was adopted by a wonderful family who are great with him!  They understand all he's been through and are prepared to continue meeting his recouperation needs.  In fact, on their first day with him, after they learned he loves water, they immediately went out and bought him his own kiddie pool to splash around in!


When Blink was 4 months old, a CKC breeder brought him to the vet to euthanise him due to his ailments. He was born with a large tuft of long hair growing out of his left eye socket, a condition known as "dermoid", which was constantly rubbing on his cornea and causing abrasions.  Also, his testicles were undescended.  


Dog Speed asked the breeder if they would surrender Blink to us instead of euthanising him, and we would arrange for eye surgery and have a vet check out the situation with his testicles, too.  We are delighted they agreed!   Initially the vet thought Blink would loose the eye, but we are happy to report that the eye surgery went really well and we were able to save his eye.  


He's now 7 months' old and has two very complicated surgeries. He's well socialized with other dogs and people, high energy and really smart.  He's a great pup who is safe, happy and has a great new forever home!


Congratulations to Blink's new mom and dad, you've got yourself a fantastic pup!

A D O P T E D !



Tilly is a young, very intelligent Whippet/Dutch Shepherd cross, approximately 35lbs.  She is almost a year old, spayed and is up-to-date on her shots.  She's a sweet girl who just loves attention and can run like the wind.  


She came from Brampton animal shelter, where she was beloved by all the staff.  She was very afraid and was not doing well in the "scary" shelter environment so the staff contacted Canine Foundations to work on her fear issues.  The staff also sought a reputable rescue for her to go to, where she could get into a home environment with a foster family who would work with Canine Foundations to help her overcome her fears.


Here's the foster's bio for Tilly:


The sky's the limit for this very smart sweetheart; we're certain she could learn back flips and somersaults, she learns so quickly!  When we first met her in May 2015, she was very scared and unsettled, but within 7 days she showed significant progress.  


Tilly is highly motivated to please her owner and will do almost anything for a little treat or pat on the belly. She will thrive in a highly positive environment surrounded with patient and attentive owners. She requires time to adjust to new people, but with clear boundaries set, Tilly becomes everyone's best friend. We're unsure if a home with cats or small children would be a good fit because she hasn't interacted with either since we met her. Her dog manners need work, although with proper introductions she settles well. Because she is so quick and curious, we suggest 100% supervision outdoors and no off leash parks until thorough training is done to strengthen her recall.


She is house trained, crate trained, heals well on a leash, hardly barks, is great in the car, and a true delight. This pooch has overcome so much so we'll accept nothing but the best adoption home for her.

A D O P T E D !


Chihauhaus Fez, Buddy and Daisy lived together with their senior human, who recently died. (Daisy has been adopted!)


Introducing Buddy! This little guy is a pile of energy and excitement. A picture of him in his crate is the best I could do, outside of his crate he's a dynamo, making it hard to get a good pic.


He plays touch me, touch me, don't touch me!! Best match would be a home with no kids, no other small animals altho he might be okay with a large dog, he nips when he gets too excited. A high energy person would be best for him. He'd also be a good apartment dog. 


Buddy is house trained, crate trained and leash trained. He is neutered and his shots are due in August. He's 6 going on 7 years old. 


Buddy deserves a great new forever home after such a difficult, life-changing situation - could you be the one?! 


Chihauhau's Fez, Buddy and Daisy lived together with their senior human, who recently died. (Daisy & Buddy have since been adopted!)


They say not to judge a book by its cover. This is Lord Fezzywig.  He's not the handsomest boy on the block but has a huge heart and personality!  Fez is 11 going on 12 years old, only has 4 teeth but he's in great shape otherwise. 


Because of his past he's a little unsure of himself.  He's been picked on by his doggie son and is quite scared of being hurt. Once he gets to know you he's a lover. 


In the house he's kinda like a cat:  feed him and give him the odd pet and he's happy.  He loves to lay on the couch next to you but not on you. Once outside he's a little spitfire - he enjoys his walks at a medium pace that leaves time for sniffing. 


Fez is crate, house and leash trained. No kids, might be okay with cats and a slow moving, gentle dog. Senior home preferred. 


Fez has had a tough time and really needs a great new forever home where he will be cherished and doesn't have to be scared anymore.

A D O P T E D !

A D O P T E D !



Zeus is a handsome 7 year old GSD, 100lbs, loves people and kids.  Although he gets along with a female cockapoo in the family who visits frequently (they spent some time together), he is not social with other animals and will chase cats/rabbits.  


Zeus is a really nice dog with a lovely temperament.  He's playful - loves to play fetch and plays really well with children.


Zeus needs a new home because of a severe allergy situation.  As a result, he now pretty much lives outside in the backyard.  He needs a new home where he can once again live inside with the new family.  


Zeus is neutered and up to date on all shots.

Staying in her home!



Layla's adoptable status is currently on hold until she completes a training program she just started.  She may become available upon completion of that program.  UPDATE:  Layla's training with Canine Foundations ( was successful and her owner will not be surrendering her after all!  Congratulations Layla and family!  We wish more people would go the extra mile like you did, to avoid surrendering your pet when they have issues!  


My name is Layla and I'm looking for my forever home where I will be the only dog around. I'm a 5-year old Mastiff (Cane Corso x Dogue de Bordeaux) who just loves affection from people. They say I'm small for my breed, weighing 102 lbs. I'm spayed, up to date on all my shots, and house trained. I don't have any formal training but I know my commands for sit, lay down, and off. 


I'm good with kids and horses, just not with other dogs. I have been attacked by other dogs on more than one occasion in the past, so now I show aggression towards any other dogs around. With some proper training, I know I could learn to trust and play nice again. 


I like to be outside, play fetch, and wade in the shallow water at the lake. I'm getting better at walking on a leash... until I see another dog. 


My current humans are heartbroken to give me up, but there are other dogs in this family and they're afraid one of us is going to get hurt. I really need to be in a home where I won't feel threatened by the presence of other dogs. 


I hope you have room in your home and your heart for a loving girl like me.

A D O P T E D !



Bubbles is a beautiful 5 year old, spayed, 45 lbs border collie/black lab cross.  She is a very sweet, friendly girl who loves lots of attention.  She would do well in an energetic family as she likes to be with her people and help them do things (typical border collie), i.e. she has learned to help with her mom's mobility issues.


She listens well and loves a good belly rub.  Bubbles is very eager to please and gentle.  Unfortunately, a divorce situation has resulted in the need to find a new forever home.  

A D O P T E D !



Sammy is a 12 years young, golden retriever who is great with other dogs, cats and children.  A foster or forever home is needed asap as his person is entering a seniors home and this boy has no place to go.

A D O P T E D !



Moose is a very handsome 140 lbs neutered 6 year old

Great Pyr/Boxer mix.  His family have had him since he was a pup but recently have experienced some carreer changes that have resulted in Moose's life becoming more confined and with little time for him now.  They feel he deserves a home that can provide him the attention and time he deserves.


Although Moose goes to doggie day care and gets along with other dogs, he exhibited possessiveness with his foster humans and their two other dogs, so he'd probably do best in a home where he's the only dog, and just romp with other dogs in neutral territory.  He lived with a cat and also was okay with the foster's cat.  


Moose can sometimes be a little anxious when meeting some strangers, but once he knows you, he is a very sweet boy who adores his people. He loves to swim and is a medium energy level.   Being a great pyr mix, he is protective of his people and doesn't hesitate to bark to let them know someone is at the door.  

A D O P T E D !



Petey is a wonderfully spry older gentleman. He's approximately 12 years young, with lots of zest for life. The pics don't quite do him justice only because when he's on the move he's quite fast and agile.


Petey has had a bit of a tough life, he was rescued off a chain after his hunter/man died.  He spent his entire life outdoors and chained, unless he was out hunting. 


He loves other dogs but he's not too sure about humans yet. He is getting used to being a pet.  He doesn't seek out attention from people but he isn't afraid either.  


He loves going for walks but he must be on leash or in a fenced yard as his hearing isn't great, so he has no recall.  He's very quiet, barks rarely and is almost completely house trained.  Petey would do best in a home with other dogs, big or small he gets along with most dogs. 


Older children would probably be fine or younger children if they will not force themselves on him. 

A D O P T E D !



Sully is a wonderfully comical boy, good looking, smart and fun-loving.  He's young (8 months) and was previously purchased off of Kiiji.  He was represented as a "doodle" but we think he is a wheaten/basset mix, he has very short legs like a basset.  


He may have been taken from his mom too young as he seems to not know how to handle certain situations at times.  This insecurity was mistaken for behavioural issues and Sully ended up being dumped at a shelter.

His foster family can see his confusion at times but he is learning quickly how to cope with the ways of the human.  

Sully really isn't trusting of male humans yet, but his foster dad is working on it; these things take time.  He is not aggressive but he does vocalize his displeasure at being near a man.  


Sully would do best with people who are interested in taking him to school for basic obedience and have dog experience.  Sully loves other dogs of all shapes and sizes and would do great in a home with an easy-going canine buddy.  

A D O P T E D !



Captain is almost 3 months old.  One of his parents is a black lab, the other a german shep/husky mix so he will be a mediulm-size dog when grown.  


He is medium energy but does relax a lot.  He's very affectionate and loves other dogs.  


Captain is a great puppy!  He is crate trained and mostly sleeps thru the night if you don't let him sleep too much in the evening.  He is almost house trained - he will use the pee pad for pee but not poop.  


He's a bit of a chewer but will chew dog toys when redirected - so far, not destructive at all. 


Captain was surrendered to us because the family's older dog did not like having a new puppy in the household.


NOTE:  We have received numerous inquiries about Captain, so only applicants who have submitted our application form will be considered.


Also, be advised we do not adopt any animals that are to become "gifts" unless the animals is going to be a gift to that adopter's children/spouse who live in that same home.  


If you are interested in Captain, please contact TRACI

Download our Adoption Application here


Staying in his home!



Rex is currently not available, his owner is going to try and keep him, hiring a dog walker/doggie day care options.  We will release the hold if it doesn't work out and he becomes available again.


Rex is a gorgeous 4-year old neutered German Shepherd Dog, up-to-date on all shots.  


His owner is a medical student who is moving to a small condo and will now be working medical shifts that can last as long as 36 hours.  He could get a dog-walker and keep Rex, but has decided a small condo home alone for long periods is not the optimal life for Rex, he deserves a new family who can give him the attention he deserves.  


Rex loves playing fetch and likes to play with people (will ignore other dogs at the dog park if you are throwing a ball for him).  He also really likes to splash around in water, although he's not a good swimmer, so likes to stay in shallow water.  He is loyal, smart and loves to hang with his human.  


Rex does not do well with meeting strangers, especially people he doesn't know who come to his home.  He is okay passing strangers on dog walks, although if a stranger stopped to meet him, that might be a problem, and he is fine with other dogs.  He has been a client at a doggie day care facililty and, as you can see in his pictures, was okay with the other dogs although Rex will chase cats and possibly small dogs.


Staff at doggie day care said Rex also has herding tendancies, he will nip at ankles in doorways, trying to herd people, but this could be worked on once in his new home. They feel it is a bossy/herding thing, not an aggressive behaviour.


Rex needs an experienced owner who can deal with his 'stranger danger' and herding instinct.  His new home should not have children, cats or small dogs.  Visitors to his new home will need to be introduced properly and his behaviour monitored until he is comfortable with each new person who visits.  

A D O P T E D !

AIMEE  (special needs)


Aimee arrived with her brother, Beau, at a pound in Quebec. They took the long journey to Ontario to begin their second chance at life. Aimee is a beautiful petite little girl who wants nothing but to give you all the love she has to offer.


Upon arrival into Dog Speed foster care, Aimee began showing signs of unusual behaviour.  She was diagnosed with Cerebellar Hypoplasia (also known as CH).  CH is a disorder wherein the cerebellum of the brain is not fully developed.  It affects the coordination and motor skills in animals - wobbly, wide stances, falling over, tumbling, etc.  Animals with CH can live long healthy lives as any non-special needs animal would. There are three categories of CH:  mild, moderate and severe and Aimee tends to fall into the moderate category - wide stance when walking, wobbly and falling over when walking, and tremors when standing still or super excited.


Aimee does everything her feline buddies do; she eats and drinks normally out of dishes, she makes her way to the litterbox and uses it without any accidents, and she rough houses and plays with the others. To Aimee she is like the other kitties, she does not realize that she has a disability that affects the way she moves.  She is an excellent climber and most of the time she will grab onto things to help keep her steady.  Everyday Aimee is learning how to get a hold on CH and make her life easier to get around.


Aimee will need a special home that will understand her special needs and always keep her safe from harm.  She is more apt to get a cut or hurt her nails from falling into or holding onto things when falling over so she will need to be kept free from big things that could injure her more.


Aimee gets along great with cats and dogs and thrives with human attention. She is always crying at your feet to pick her up and give her some loving. 


For some helpful information on Cerebellar Hypoplasia, go to:


A D O P T E D !

A D O P T E D !



Cali is a 6 month old female boxer cross.  She will be spayed and up-to-date on all her shots prior to adoption. 


She was rescued from a home that was underfeeding her with low quality dollar store food.  She came to us because a kind woman saw her posted on Kijiji and wanted to get her safely out of that environment.       


Cali has a lot of energy and loves to play with adults, children and other dogs.  She needs training on her manners as she has the typical puppy tendancy to jump up a lot.  Her foster mom is potty training her as she still has occassional accidents in the house.


She is a very affectionate puppy who likes to be around her human as much as possible.  She is social and likes to go out, but tends to get car sick when taken on longer rides (they usually get over this as they get older).  


Cali is crate trained and will stay in her crate but prefers to cuddle up wth her human at night.  




Rosie is a 3 month old Rottweiler-cross.  She will be spayed, dewormed and up-to-date on all her shots prior to adoption. 


Her young owner became seriously ill and recently moved back home.  Her mother is finding puppy Rosie, along with the family dog, cat and caregiving her ill daughter, too much to handle.  


Rosie is house-trained and crate-trained.  She is a tough little girl who sometimes plays a little too rough and can get snarly when she gets mad, so a home without young children is preferred.  A family that will train this head-strong puppy and ensure she is taught appropriate behaviour would be the best start for this dynamic cutie.  

Rosie loves to run and play!

A D O P T E D !

A D O P T E D !



Amour is a beautiful grey tabby with white boots on her feet. She arrived at a pound in Quebec with her brother, Jacques, with no mother in sight and was rescued by Dog Speed. 


Amour has fur that looks like she will be a medium haired cat once fully grown.   She is a very quiet and laid back girl.  She prefers hanging out in a cat bed and watching her buddies go crazy.


Amour gets along great with cats and dogs.  She would likely prefer a quieter household where she can lounge around all day.  She does enjoy playing with her felines friends but prefers playing by herself, although she always searches for a feline friend to cuddle up to and sleep with. Amour has a lot of love to share!

A D O P T E D !



Jacques was found as a stray in Quebec with his sister, Aimee, at just 4 weeks old with no mother in sight. They were brought to a pound that relies on rescues to help save these animals and give them a second chance at life.  Jacques and his sister travelled on a long transport to get to Dog Speed in Ontario. 


Jacques is a very outgoing "wild child"!  He is always on the move running and playing with his buddies but when he gets tired, he searches for his human lap to snuggle and sleep in.


Jacques loves human attention, he purrs up a storm the second a human hand touches him. The moment someone walks into the room he is instantly at your feet wanting attention.


Jacques is an independent guy and will entertain himself by playing with toys but also enjoys playing and the company of his feline buddies. 


Jacques gets along great with cats and dogs and would love an active household. 


(It's impossible to get a good photo - this little guy NEVER sits still!)

A D O P T E D !



Beau was found as a stray with his sister in Quebec and brought to a pound that relies on rescues to save them.  He made his way with his sister, Amour, to Dog Speed Animal Rescue here in Ontario. 


Beau is a handsome grey male - with the way his fur is growing, we guess he will be a medium-haired cat when fully grown.  


He is happiest in someone's arms and will cry until someone picks him up and holds him.  Beau can often be found playing and running around with his feline buddies when not snuggled in a human's lap.  


Although Beau gets along great with dogs and cats, he prefers the company of humans - he would prefer someone who wouldn't be away from home for long hours during the day and would love nothing more then to snuggle up beside you at night. 

A D O P T E D !

A D O P T E D !


Crawford (on the left in the picture) is an adorable grey and cream short-haired kitten with super soft fur. He is about 4 months of age. 


Crawford is such an outgoing, affectionate heartbreaker! The second he sees a human he is purring up a storm. He instantly rolls over asking for belly rubs. He is very gentle in that he doesnt chew unless really excited and doesnt use his claws. He is more outgoing than his brother. He loves to chase toys and is great at entertaining himself when you're not around but when he's tired he searches for his person/people and wants to snooze beside you. He gets along with cats and dogs and would be fine in any kind of home setting.


Crawford has been vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped and neutered.

A D O P T E D !



These super friendly girls are 9 year old female yellow labs whose family grew too busy to care for them and were going to euthanize them if no one took them. Kay & Sadie will be coming into Dog Speed on October 20th.  

We are seeking a temporary foster home for them, preferably together, until we can find a forever home for them. 


They are housetrained, know basic commands, are good listeners  and are great with children, cats and dogs. They act like young dogs, not showing their age except for the whitened muzzles.   


Both girls are up to date on vaccinations but are not spayed.  We will discuss spay options with our vet when they get their exam once they come into our rescue.   

A D O P T E D !




These two lovely cats will need a foster or forever home asap. Their human is very sick and will be going into palliative care very soon.  The owner of the home their human is renting from has been going in and caregiving these girls daily.  She was only able to get pictures of one of them, the other is very timid and runs and hides when she comes down.  They both look very similar to each other.

We are still in the process of obtaining more information such as age, health & temperament.  We do know that both are spayed but they are not currently up-to-date on shots, however this can be taken care of prior to adoption. 

If you are interested in fostering or adopting either or both of these sweet girls, please contact us as soon as possible.  This is a courtesy post on behalf of the owner, we will be fielding inquiries and doing what we can to reduce the stress on the owner who is very anxious they find a good home before she moves to a palliative care facility.  

A D O P T E D !



Coming soon for adoption!  Little Maya is about 6 or 7 months old and is a lovely, sweet and affectionate young female.  


She is okay with dogs but hasn't been introduced to another cat yet.


Maya was found on busy Finch Ave. in Toronto. She had a collar on with a tag and phone number.  After calling the number, we learned her family had left her behind when they moved in September (she was found Oct. 4th). How she survived is unknown, especially around such busy traffic! They said she was an outdoor cat that would be fine and they were sick of people calling them.  


Whoever gives this baby a new home will be so lucky. She is polite, gentle and purrs up a storm. She will be ready for adoption as soon as she has her vet exam, vaccinations and spay.


Will your family be the lucky people that spend their life with Maya?!

A D O P T E D !



Charlie is a handsome 3 year old neutered male golden retriever/poodle mix, aka “Golden-Doodle”.  He is an aloof boy who does not particularly like to be petted, and definitely not "smothered with love".  He'll lay near his human but is not at all a "touchy-feely" dog. 

The perfect home for Charlie would with an experienced dog handler who is willing to be patient and give Charlie time and space for a while, as he has been fostering in a doggie day camp for a while now.   Although Charlie is very smart, he is easily stressed over new things and new people and sometimes does not react well in these types of situations. He can be sensitive to sudden motion and sound so can be startled by unexpected touch or noises.  He also gets anxious travelling in a vehicle. 

He enjoys doggie day care and gets along well with most other dogs although initially he can be a bit of a bully if allowed. Since he’s fostered there, his bully tendencies have pretty much resolved but in an unfamiliar environment with new dogs, his handler may need to redirect his behaviour when necessary (he listens well).  He is a resource guarder when it comes to food and high value items so his handler will need to work on this with him.

Charlie would do well in a calm environment without children where daily life is pretty routine.  A multi-dog household would be a nice option for him since he’s used to being with lots of dogs every day at Camp, provided the other dog(s) in his new home is not overly submissive.  If he did go to a home with canine buddies, dinner time would need to be appropriately controlled. Because he’s been fostering at dog camp for awhile now, he will need to transition back into a home environment with someone patient.

Charlie is house-trained, leash trained, has good manners and knows basic commands.  He’d do great one-on-one with someone who doesn’t feel the need to pet him a lot or invade his personal space and is willing to give him lots of time to relax and feel safe. He improves once he becomes familiar with and likes you but will likely never be a “cuddly" personality.  He’s gorgeous and smart and needs a forever home!


Moe is a 6-1/2 year old neutered male "Morkie", approximately 5 lbs and is now up to date on his shots.  His humans have just separated and his mom cannot keep him and his buddy, Rufus.  She had to quickly find a new place to live and is unable to take them with her.  Moe and Rufus will be going into foster care at the end of January, when their human has to move out.  

Moe is extremely cuddly and submissive, will drop and roll on his back whenever he thinks there's a belly rub on the way.  He'll wrap himself around your neck like a scarf and casually give kisses.  He spends most of his time with his people, in the shape of a donut sleeping next to a warm body - and he snores!

Moe gets very excited when his people come home and will make quite a bit of noise until he gets out for a quick pee, then he likes to come in, give some licks, have dinner and go right back to sleep.  He barks at everyone, but just wants to give a lick and get a head scratch.  He is very friendly with everyone!  He is not a chewer.  

A D O P T E D !

A D O P T E D !

A D O P T E D !

A D O P T E D !

A D O P T E D !


Rufus is a three year old Shih Tzu.  He came to live with his humans and canine buddy Moe (see above) when his previous owner, a neighbour, was in a bind so his new mom took him in.  Unfortunately, his new humans have now just separated and so his mom cannot keep him and Moe.  She had to quickly find a new place to live and is unable to take them with her.  

So Moe and Rufus will be going into foster care at the end of January, when their human has to move out.  

Rufus will seem unsure of visitors for about 30 seconds.  He can easily be won over with a quick head rub or bum scratch.  He gets very excited when his people get home and loves to bring his finds - such as socks - when he greets you.  He falls asleep sitting up while being petted!   Rufus is a very cuddly lazy boy and is not a chewer.

Rufus is now up to date on his shots and is scheduled to be neutered on January 17th.


Tuffy is a 5 year old sweet wonderful boy. He is from Kentucky where he spent his entire life on a chain. Tthis makes him a little partial to the outdoors but he is learning to appreciate the comforts of indoor life.  Tuffy loves to be next to you and play with squeaky toys.

He enjoys walks and spending time with his foster mom. He is good with cats and other dogs. 

Tuffy had 3 hernias when he was rescued but they have now been removed. He is neutered and up to date on all his shots. 

A D O P T E D !

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