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Bubbles is doing fantastic in her new home.  She has become a service dog and takes her job very seriously, but when off-duty, loves to play with the children in her family and her canine sibling.  


A huge belly rub fan, Bubbles' life is filled with love and attention!  


Moose has taken to farm life in a big way (pun intended).  He loves to hang out on the large deck outside and keep an eye on the farm, unless its raining, then his favourite perch is inside the sliding doors where he can still keep an eye on things out there!  


One of his two cat siblings has accepted him and he's still working on befriending the other one, who disdains 'mere dogs" lol


Moose has trimmed up much to his new vet's approval, and can now do long walks around the farm with his new mom & dad without getting too tired.  


Moose also gets to hang with his mom's father in his workshop many days.  Yes, farm life is certainly the life!


Petey is doing great in his new home.  He has a new sister beagle who looks just like him - they could pass for does the cat!


Because Petey was a chained dog for 12 years, he has no idea how to play or be a dog in a family so its been a bit of a learning experience, but he's coming along just fine.  For the first time in his long life, he has a loving family, gets to sleep indoors with his peeps, which include humans, another beagle and a cat!


Hi there. 

Just thought I'd send you a quick update on Jessie as we have almost had her for 3 months already!! Although it feels like we have had her forever. She fits right into our family perfectly. We couldn't love her more. 

Jessie has grown to love our walks together.. as long as I'm the one walking her. In fact Jessie is only 100% happy as long as I'm there with her lol. She is a momas girl for sure. She is getting more and more affectionate with Grant all the time but she still follows me everywhere. Good thing that isn't an issue because I get to take her to work with me. She loves people but she is perfectly happy with seeing them then retreating back to her bed. She is a huge sleepy head! It makes me laugh how tough she is to wake up sometimes. Like a teenager!

Jessie's favorite time of the day is when she finally does wake up and we help her on the bed  (she doesn't like to sleep on the bed with us all night) and she gets to play and roll around between us both. She is such a doll. 

Jessie still doesn't like our in laws dog but we are all super patient and plan on just keep trying. It's frustrating but it's really her only flaw. She is even getting more used to car rides. 

We have been sticking to her diet really well, even though the sneaky little thing was getting into the cats food without us knowing it, and she has lost 4 lbs already! Our vet is really impressed. She only has 5 more to go bringing her current weight to 35lbs. You can see a difference, especially in her walks. She is running and playing, you can really tell her energy level is a lot higher. 

Anyway I thought you may want to know how well she is doing and how incredibly loved she is. I couldn't be more grateful for such a sweet and happy girl! We really got lucky! 

Hope you have a wonderful day! 


Ziggy (formerly Sully), is thriving in his new home (on right)!  His dad is working on his issues with success and he gets along great with his two canine siblings.  


Tilly loves being the family dog on the farm!  In this picture she is helping with the maple syrup collection.  She loves to play with the kids.  There's usually always someone to play with and to cuddle up with on the couch to watch TV in the evening.


She has learned to leave the chickens alone, and finally got brave enough to ride the tractor with her dad!  She also loves to go ATV'ing, racing her humans through the bush.  Good thing she now has a neon collar, her brindle coat is the perfect camoflauge in the bush! Ah, what a fun life Tilly now has!


From Coco's (formerly "Huxli") forever family ... " Coco is a very happy kitten. She loves her toys, loves her food, loves my lap, loves tormenting Fudge and loves to purr. Adorable. She is a happy camper!"

Zerebeth & Mr Spock

They are the light of my life and I don't know what I'd do without them both. Spock loves to pose. He is such a big clown! Zara is more dignified.

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