We make every attempt to ensure our rescue animals go to the best-suited home possible for each individual animal's needs.


Because we don't know you, the only way we can ensure a great and suitable foster or forever home is to ask lots of questions, do reference checks, home checks and follow-ups.  We hope you understand why and appreciate the work our volunteers do - its all about the animals!


When you rescue a pet, you are actually saving TWO lives, the one you adopt and the one who gets that foster home spot.

The Dog Speed team is the most dedicated, highly trained and experienced group of people I have ever dealt with in all my years of dog rescue. They are totally committed to helping all dogs in need. It was an amazing experience with them when I fostered Sam and then when I adopted him a year later. They are always there for their dogs.

Pat Foley

My spouse and I connected with Dog Speed in 2009 when we were looking to adopt a buddy for our dog. We had a high energy dog with aggressive tendencies, so it wasn't easy finding a match. June and Traci were quick to share their wisdom and expertise with us and always seemed to have unlimited time and patience. They linked us to a support network that reaches across southern Ontario and, to this day, they continue to provide us with step by step guidance. Their persistence and seemingly endless options have created many pet adventures for our family. We have fostered and adopted dogs with Dog Speed and absolutely love working with them.

Amber McAuley

My family and I adopted Stella, a husky/ shepard in May of this year (2015). She was a foster dog at my work that I totally fell in love with very quickly! Once I decided to make it official and adopt Stella, I called June Towler and we got it all settled in such a short amount of time. Everyone that is involved with Dog Speed Animal Rescue all have huge hearts and I love what they are doing to help animals. My family and I are so happy we have Stella in our lives now, it wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for June, I can't say enough great things about her and the rescue!

Becca Cummings

We adopted our 3 year old Australian Shepherd mix, Jax, in September 2014. June Towler helped us through the adoption process, making sure that he was a good fit for our family and patiently answering our many questions. Talking to Jax's foster mom gave us a real understanding of his behavior and temperament. We still keep in contact with both of them, sending photos and updates.  We LOVE to spoil Jax - he is the sweetest, silliest, most loving dog!  Our experience has been fantastic and I cannot say enough good things about June!

Margaret Healey



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