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A CKC breeder brought Blink to the vet to euthanise him due to his ailments.  He was born with a dermoid (a large tuft of long hair growing out of his left eye socket) and his testicles had not decended.  


Dog Speed asked the breeder if they would surrender Blink to us instead of euthanising him and we would arrange for eye surgery and have a vet check out the situation with his testicles, too.  We are delighted they agreed!  


Blink was born with a condition called "dermoid" on his left eye. He actually had hair growing out from under his eyelid, which was constantly rubbing on his cornea and causing abrasions. He has had one surgery this week to remove the dermoid and to reconstruct his lower eyelid.  We won't actually know if the surgery was a success yet, we should know in 7 days if it worked.  If not, he will have the eye removed.  As for his undesended testicles, X-rays have been done and the testicles can't be seen so next he needs an ultra sound to see if he was born with them. All this at 4 months old!


UPDATE:  Initially the vet thought Blink would loose the eye, but we are happy to report that the eye surgery went really well and we were able to save his eye.  He will have a droopy eyelid for life, but hopefully it will be a success and he will have a functioning eye!  We had to have the surgery done quickly as he was damaging his eye further every time he blinked.  Once Blink's medical issues are taken care of, he will be available for adoption, so watch our Animals for Adoption page!  


UPDATE:  Blink is doing really well.  Dr. Victor is very happy with the reconstruction of his eye.  So far it looks like the surgery was a huge success!!

He's almost completely house trained.  Now we just have to get him to play with his toys instead of foster-brother Tango's food bowl!!

He's a great little pup and really smart!!


UPDATE:  Blink went to his new forever home!  They are a wonderful couple and adore him!  As soon as they learned he loves water, they immediately bought a kiddie pool for him to splash around in!  A happy ending for a lovely boy who went through so much in his first few months of life!

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