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Pet Of The Month

​Look at that happy face!  Sabine is a 6 year old Maltese, approximately 7 lbs and an absolute doll! She will give you kisses and loves to be in your lap or laying beside you.


Sabine is a special needs dog, she has diabetes and Cushing's Disease, both of which are manageable with medication. She is a happy sweet little soul who just needs a kind person willing to love and care for her despite her medical challenges!

If interested in Sabine, visit our 'Adoptable Dogs' page.

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How to Make Sure an Animal Rescue Organization Isn’t Fake


There are steps you can take and warning signs to watch for to ensure you’re adopting a pet from a legitimate animal rescue organization:


  • Many rescues are actually registered not-for-profit charitable organizations and will have a registered charity number in Canada, and in the U.S. will be a registered 501 (c).  As such, they have mandates they must adhere to in order to maintain their legal charitable status.  

  • Be wary of rescue organizations that will only communicate with you online.

  • Reputable rescue organizations will always want to visit your home for an inspection and do reference checks.

  • Be cautious of organizations that ask to meet you only in a parking lot or other public place.

  • Legitimate rescue organizations won’t adopt out puppies or kittens younger than 8 weeks old - any earlier and they lose out on social and behaviour lessons from the mother and litter-mates that can result in behaviour issues.

  • Always request to see veterinary records for the pet you want to adopt. Make sure the pet is current on vaccinations and has been examined by a licensed veterinarian. Also make sure the paperwork matches the pet you are adopting.

  • Consider adopting from a local animal shelter or humane society, which are required to provide medical attention and veterinary care for their animals.

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